[TRANS] DBSK’s Schedule From 7th July 08 to 20th July 09

16 11 2009
1 word, crazy.




10 responses

16 11 2009
jacy xinn

wow~ >.< dbsk have not enough time to rest.=(

17 11 2009

What a real fan this girl is! Also a very practical effort she put her time into

17 11 2009


17 11 2009

ahhh…i’m crying seein this …

18 11 2009

crazy schedule!!!

18 11 2009

thank you for the fan who did this.

i feel exhausted and tired just looking at it.
it must have been really hard on the boys. no wonder the three of them
had to do something about it. i’m not liking how the direction is going

DBSK hwaiting!

18 11 2009

DBSK’s crazy schedule should be able to go into the Guiness World Record. Even their departure from Korea to Japan can make a record. >.<

18 11 2009

Yea, I agree with Jinet, with a group putting so much effort in doing their best, its really hard to understand why their company isn’t more accomodating to their requests

19 11 2009

I don’t understand this. How can they always put on a smile when they are so exhausted?
They are always thinking positive. But … Its so heartbreakingly CRAZY!!

20 11 2009

OMG!!!.. What king of Schedule is that?? SM wants TVXQ to die early … Urgghhh…. When i am looking at it .. i feel so Tired and Exhausted.. Wew… DBSK Fighting : ))

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