[NEWS] Super Junior’s Introduction Selected As Best Introduction

16 11 2009

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Super Junior was selected as the group with the best introduction on KBS Enetertainment Relay broadcasted on the 14th.

Heo EunAh, President for Korea’s Association of Image Consultants International mentioned “During introduction, action speak louder than words, When you use the palm it helps 84% of the time, the back of the hand 52% and fingers 28%” and “therefore Super Junior’s ‘We are Super Junior’ is the best introduction.”

Professor Heo EunAh said: there’s an effect of letting one remember by arousing one’s curiosity” and “there is rhythm so you won’t get tired of listening and you feel like you want to listen to it again” says it all.




Source: newsen , neokey22
Translations: carolyn @ sj-world.net




3 responses

17 11 2009

weehh!! go super junior!!!

25 11 2009

Wew… cool
Oh, yeaa… if you want to read a fanfiction about super junior, just klik here…

14 12 2009
acy wonder woman

emmmmmm… cool….

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