[NEWS] Lee HyukJae Insults Battle and BEAST, Fangirls Rage

16 11 2009

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Lee Hyuk Jae is heating up the headlines recently, although it was not done in a particularly good way!

During his KBS 2FM Radio show The Beautiful Life of Lee Hyuk Jae and Jo Hyang Ki broadcast yesterday, Hyuk Jae featured rookie boy band BEAST to the delight of many Beauties. However, another fanbase was outraged by this broadcast. Confused?

At one point in their conversation, Hyuk Jae stated, “BEAST will be known as a prominent male idol group next year. However, with the experience you have now, it will not happen. If this keeps on going, you guys will soon be the next Battle.”

BEAST’s professional reply was that they were fans of their seniors. However, Hyuk Jae stepped on some more toes by adding, “My friend’s the owner [of Battle], so it’s okay.”

Needless to say, many Battle fans that were listening to the radio are outraged and have demanded a public apology from Hyuk Jae. Many have come to their beloved idol group’s rescue, arguing, “Battle was a group that put in much effort and practice, their ‘failure’ wasn’t their fault.”, and questioning, “Why did he bring up Battle out of nowhere?”

Hyuk Jae’s agency has attempted to clear up the issue, stating, “There were no intentions to bring down the Battle. Hyuk Jae talked about them that way because he personally knows Battle’s agency. We will make an official apology statement on the 16th through our forum and broadcast.”

Despite the fact that Battle isn’t exactly topping charts and dominating the kpop scene right now, it looks like their fanbase is still as active and supportive as ever… stay tuned to allkpop as we await the official apology!

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One response

16 11 2009

what the heck was this Lee Hyuk Jae talking about? BEAST is a young and promising idol group and I’m sure they will achieve what they deserve in the future. I’m already a big fan of BEAST and will always be no matter what happens. Some people just have to put others down…sigh…

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