[NEWS] “TVXQ….” Andy’s Meaningful Advice

15 11 2009

“Leaving the company is the 2nd trial which harder from than debut time”

“It will be hard like having to debut once again”

Andy, member of an idol group, Shinhwa with the longest career, who is in the middle of his solo activities, revealed his “personal opinion” about TVXQ’s situation which is a hot issue in the K-pop world.

Andy who debuted in 1999 under the same company as TVXQ, SM Entertainment, as Shinhwa, gained lots of popularity. But as soon as the exclusive contract was over, he and the rest of the members had to move to another entertainment company and continuously did activities with passion.

Recently, in the interview with Sports Dong-A , Andy cautiously stated “ I sincerely would like TVXQ and their fans who’ve been with them since the beginning to get back together and continue their activities.” and “They should know that if they find another way, they have to start all over again.”

The days after leaving Shinhwa’s debut company, Andy says, “It was a great difficulty” and stressed “They should know that when they leave their debut company, it takes more effort and it is two – three times harder than when they first debuted.”

While Shinhwa’s group activity is on hold due to its members on army service, Andy has continued with his solo activities and scouted new singers and has turned into a CD producer. In his own company, he has assembled a casting team, and together w/(casting team) has been searching for new entertainers/trainees.

Because of this, Andy is looking at the music industry as a producer. With his experience, he added, “Idol groups that gained popularity quickly thinks that their efforts are what’s important, but thinking that it is dangerous.”, “You must acknowledge the fact that the company has capabilities, and talent.”


Source: donga.com
Translations: ndy @ OneTVXQ




One response

16 11 2009

i hope Dong Bang Shin Ki cant disband.. i Really love them Singing.. especially Kim Junsu.. T_T

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