[NEWS] SHINee vs 2PM “’Meat Eaters’ And ‘Vegetarians’ Finally Compete”

14 11 2009

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Meat eaters and vegetarians finally compete.

Rival 2PM and SHINee will be performing on KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ stage together. They were competing together with different styles since debut, now they are back to competing against each other once again.

2PM with their new title song ‘HeartBeat’ and SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong’ which was hit first place for twice in a row.
‘HeartBeat’ written by JYP Producer Park Jin Young, is placed first on some music charts and is getting lots of attention.

‘Ring Ding Dong’ which has been swiping all the first places on various charts for popularity, is again going after the 1st place…

But unfortunate point is that Onew, leader will be not performing as he has the Swine Flu. Last times, Super Juniors took his place but this time, on 13th, ‘Music Bank’, Only 4 of SHINee members will be performing on stage without any help.

A relative reports that “Onew is on recovering stage but is not recovered enough to perform on stage yet.”

Source: newsen
Translations: jojo@weareshining




5 responses

15 11 2009

can’t wait for this! 8D
love both groups ❤

15 11 2009


15 11 2009

I love 2PM’s new concept!!!!!!!!
Tho would’ve been better if jae was still there…

15 11 2009

both leaders are incognito….. TT^TT

17 11 2009

2PM hwaiting!! onew hyung, get well soon!!

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