[TRANS] Sukira KTR Transcripts (30 Oct to 5 Nov)

13 11 2009

Romantic Telephone Booth KISS

Eunhyuk: Leeteuk, have you kissed at any special places before?
Leeteuk: erm, I haven’t kissed for a long time…… I think you seem to have done it before
Eunhyuk: You can’t consider it as very special…… The public bus
Leeteuk: The public bus??? The seats at the last row?
Eunhyuk: Yeah, at the centre of the last row. We kissed when there weren’t many people around.
Leeteuk: Actually, I’ve kissed in a telephone booth before…… At that time, handphones were not popular, there were many telephone booths, and there were a lot especially in the residential areas. At that time it was a rainy day……
Eunhyuk: wow…… During the period when handphones were not popular, does it mean that it was when you were very young?
Leeteuk: During Senior High.
Eunhyuk: Wasn’t it during Junior High?
Leeteuk: My first kiss was in year 3…… I have even kissed at the safety stairway of the residential apartment before……
Eunhyuk: Kisses usually happen at these types of places, like stairways and exits
Leeteuk: You say it very professionally
Eunhyuk: I am using others as an example, I don’t have any experience.
Leeteuk: You don’t have any experience? Wasn’t your first kiss in year 1…… Among many artistes, Eunhyuk’s first kiss is the earliest

The Musicals which Improved the Members’ Relationship

Eunhyuk: I went to see Yesung’s musical today. His musical is always during the same time as our Sukira, so I always couldn’t make it. If I didn’t go today, I wouldn’t have a chance, as it’s already his last performance. The show started at 8pm, but we couldn’t watch it. I went around 7.30pm to find him, and after meeting him I left, I couldn’t watch the entire show.
Leeteuk: I feel really apologetic towards him. We should also have gone to watch Sungmin’s musical, but we couldn’t find a right time. The other actors working together would say “Is the relationship among the members very bad? When we performed with other singers, their members all came to watch them, why is it that your members do not come down?”
Eunhyuk: Yeah, we have to do broadcasting, Sungmin has his own musical, and there are members in China
Leeteuk: The rest of the members at the beauty salon……
Eunhyuk: So I felt very apologetic to him, so I went to take a look. Today the members in China came back, they also said they wanted to take a look.

Eunhyuk’s IQ has not reached 3 digits?

Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, how much is your IQ?
Eunhyuk: I have never tested my IQ (In Korea, students have to take an IQ test)
Leeteuk: You have definitely done it, just that you don’t remember. You’ve never been to school before?
Eunhyuk: Isn’t the test usually taken in Junior High? From the beginning of year 2, I was performing in musicals. Among the members, I am the sunbae when it comes to musicals. In order to practice, I usually left after my classes in the afternoon ended……
Leeteuk: If you put it this way, your highest education is only until your 2nd year
Eunhyuk: hehe, anyway, because of my musicals, I didn’t take an IQ test
Leeteuk: At that time, we were starting to pay attention to EQ, so after taking an IQ test, they wouldn’t tell you your results, they just told you your EQ
Eunhyuk: Where can you take an IQ test? I feel like taking one, I think my IQ is around……
Leeteuk: Hope that it is 3 digits
Eunhyuk: Yeah, I hope……

Sweaty Palms Leeteuk Fails at Cheating

Leeteuk: When I was young, I cheated during a test, I only dared to talk about it now. My hands are normally quite sweaty. At that time, when I cheated, I wrote the topics on the palm of my hand. When the exam papers were given out, I looked at the exam questions and it was exactly the same as what I had written on my hand. In a moment of nervousness, my palms sweated, and the words got erased…… So everyone, do not cheat, because nothing good comes out of it.




Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese Translations: Kimseohye
Chinese to English Translations: –dreamx @ sj-world.net




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13 11 2009

always love both of them + boom,:))

13 11 2009

awwwww… sweeet =]

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