[TRANS] 2PM’s ‘Thanks To’ Messages on 1:59PM Album

13 11 2009

2PM’s first full length album CD is released today in Korea. Here is what 2PM members wrote on their “thanks to” page

Nichkhun: “last but not least, our 2pm members…even though we have lost one of the biggest parts of our lives…Jay…wherever you are..know that we couldn’t have gotten this far without you.. we always hope that you are well and healthy.. and we’re always missing you… hoping one day we can all sit down and laugh at what had happened in our lives… until then, WE WILL make you PROUD.”

Junho: and finally. once we think we are family, it is an eternal thing. 2PM, Jay Junsu Khun Taec Wooyoung Chan, whatever may happen. we are 2PM. whatever people say, we are 2pm forever. yes we heard so many words. But, we’ve got to stand tall. To tide over a crisis, guys show people all the things what we reorganized!

: and finally, Jay Junsu Taec Khun Wooyoung Junho Chan. all 7 members, Let’s get all the way together! although we now part from one, but, I believe that we are together. We are now 6. but will be seven soon. I will wait. Don’t give up J.

: I am afraid that whether I often did not realize the importance of you. My bros. I feel always shame and sorry…you stand by me, really thankful and thankful bros. 2PM.

Junsu: 2PM babies, Jay Khun Taec Woooyoung Junho Chan, I love you all

Taecyeon: and finally 2pm! Jay Junsu Khun Wooyoung Junho Chan, we can overcome this hardship. 2PM Fighting



Source: Bestiz
Translations: Chinup_Jay@2pm-online + Cassina@2pm-online




6 responses

13 11 2009

this can really make you cry.
my sis was crying like a baby when she ready this
and i had teary eyes. reading this after watching JYP’s
interview makes you wonder.

:sighs: please do come back J!

13 11 2009

2PM love!! ❤

13 11 2009

Sweet ^^

14 11 2009

totally agree with Jinet. i got tears in my eyes while reading the comments the members were making. i believe that they all will overcome anything, as long as they got each other backs. i love 2PM forever! forver 7!

14 11 2009

please comeback j

17 11 2009

reading this makes me wanna cry. huhuhuh.

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