[NEWS] Deadline of 12th November up! But no response from DBSK 3 Members

13 11 2009

Dong Bang Shin Ki trio Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu did not respond to the deadline which SM Entertainment gave them on 2nd November.

SM Entertainment revealed on 12th November, “Until 6pm, they did not give us an answer.”

And about what will happen after this since the 3 have not given an answer, the SM representative said that they are not in the position to say anything yet. But they will be coming up with an official stand again.

During a press conference held on 2nd November, SM Entertainment gave the trio a deadline till 12th November to respond if they have plans for album release as part of Dong Bang Shin Ki early next year.

But the 3 have not given an answer by the deadline. And when asked if it will lead to disbanding of the group, the representative said, “It has not been mentioned to us yet the steps which will follow from here.”

It seems that this fight between the trio and the company will last longer than we have expected it to be.



Source: Sookyeong




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13 11 2009

>< Kkkaaa, I brought the tickets for the Shenzhen Concert, the most expensive ones! but it got cancelled…. however, I agree with their position in withdrawing from the concert.

The recent statements Sm gave make the 3 members seem like the wrong doers. "These three TVXQ members have refused to the upcoming activities as TVXQ so the TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour-Mirotic … The three say that they won't go to it. …. ."

No, they are not refusing to attend the concert, I'm sure the 3 members would love to perform and stand on stage again. What they are REALLY saying is that they don't agree with the unfair contract and refuse to be bound by it. SM only offered an unrevealed contract that was one-sidely created by SM to the 3 members. In order to perform, they must accept it. How could they accept that contract which would span over their entire contract just for one concert? Surely we can forgive the members for turning down such an unreasonable offer even though the consequence is missing out one concert?

If we understand the background information of this statement, TVXQ's image will not be damaged by not turning up at the concert.

Neither can the 3 members really continue working and performing with SM while orally disagreeing with the terms of the contract. SM can argue that by working with them, they have accepted the contract terms by conduct, or have affirmed with any unreasonable terms in the contract. For the sake of avoiding such an implication, the members simply have to stop association with SM until they can clearly say they are willing to negotiate some new contract with the members.

15 11 2009

No matter what…
We always support TVXQ!

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