[NEWS] Will You Be Able to See a 7 Member 2PM at MAMA?

12 11 2009

The 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards Show has been trying actively to get Jaebeom be a part of 2PM for at least the few hours that the ceremony is held. MAMA representatives have expressed that if it’s possible, they would love to have Jaebeom at least attend the ceremonies. “In 2009, 2PM was a very active group and at the center of it all was Jaebeom, it would only be natural for the heart and soul of this group to attend.”

JYP Entertainment has acknowledged that they are communicating with Jaebeom in order to see if he is willing to attend. Hottests want 2PM to receive their awards as the seven member group they supported and stood by. With 1:59 PM’s comeback set for the 12th on Mnet’s “Oh~ good!” concert with their title track “Heartbeat,” there is a lot of interest in whether Jaebeom can be back in time for 2PM’s comeback. MAMA is set to broadcast on the 21st of November at 7:00 PM KST at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

JYP stated on “Golden Fishery” that above all he wants to give Jaebeom his space and that he does not want to force him back. In the meantime, Jaebeom has been practicing dancing and singing with vocal teachers. He also said, “The seven members of 2PM love each other too much.” “Jaebeom’s return would surely be the true comeback of 2PM.”


Source: allkpop




4 responses

13 11 2009

i feel like crying watching this.
i really REALLY hope he can come back and show up
at MAMA but is it possible?

is he willing to show his face and step on the stage again.
is he ready? i hope so!
2PM hwaiting!

13 11 2009

naa,, id think he’ll be there…
but it wud b perfect if back and decided to peform,,, we missed u jae!

13 11 2009

i miss you jay

17 11 2009

oohhh… huhuhuhuuh. waiting for you JAY! :’)

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