[NEWS] 2PM’s Comeback Performances on 12th @ Mnet Concert

11 11 2009

Group 2PM will be making their comeback on the 12th on a stage made by Mnet’s “Oh~ Good! Concert.”

2PM will be singing ‘I hate you’ along with the title track of their latest album, ‘Heartbeat.’ Fans have been showing interest because this will be the first stage since Jaebum’s leave.

‘Oh~ Good! Concert’ will also feature MBLAQ, Beast, Ivy, Seeya, Hwisung, Park Hyoshin, and etc.

Since it is the day of the college entrance exams for high school seniors, Mnet said that this stage is especially in support of the test takers. It will be shown at 7 PM with Hyunyoung as the MC.

Source: Edaily
Translations: hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY




2 responses

12 11 2009

glad to see park hyo shin again, kyaa….
and 2PM is back!!!!

13 11 2009

yay! they’re back! welcome 2pm!

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