[VIDEO] 2PM Individual Teasers: ‘What is Your HEART BEATing For’

7 11 2009


Fans make my heart beat.
All of the fans that love me, even though I don’t have much to give.
Being able to make someone happy with my music feels like a dream.
As long as there is a fan left for me, I want to sing for that fan.
It’s time to stand on stage now.
My heart feels like exploding.


Music makes my heart beat
The more I listen
The more I sing
The more I stand on the stage
The harder my heart beats
I want to live like this till I die


Trust makes my heart beat.
Even when my heart would stop because of hardships,
I lived through it all because of trust.
As long as we are together, we can handle anything.
And my heart will beat with confidence.


Anxiety makes my heart beat.
Every morning, it asks me a question.
Will I do okay today? Will I not be enough today?
And I tell myself.
I can do it. I can do it.
My heart beat feels faster.
Now, this is the start.


The people I love makes my heart beat.
The love I give, the love I receive.
My family, friends… and our 7 members.
The more I think of them, my heart gets warmer.
I want to be with you guys forever.





2 responses

7 11 2009

OH MY GOODD!!! this is why i call them WARRIORS!! omo!! so proud of you guys!! the tears just wouldn’t stop falling.. their voices..the emotions in their messages.. anxiety, fear,hurt, dissapointment but most importantly the courage, strength and determination..whoa!! its like telling us.. whatever happens 2PM is 2PM even if the HOTTEST ABANDONED and HURT THEM they will still GO ON and PERFORM AGAIN FOR THEM because thats what THEY LIVE FOR!! THE FANS AND MUSIC!! gosh.. go go 2pm!! sweep them all away AGAIN!!

jaebum oppa!! hope you saw this!! be proud of the boys and please come back whenever your ready.. they are warriors but still needs you to be complete… 2pm fighting!!!

8 11 2009

please comeback

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