[NEWS] 6 Membered 2PM, Their First Outing in 60 Days (Interview Added)

7 11 2009

Six membered 2PM, expected to make their comeback mid November, has been revealed after the long months of being hidden behind a veil.

The night of the 6th on cable channel’s OnStyle, 2PM revealed their advertisement filming through ‘Star Magazine 2009.’

This is the first time that 2PM has shown themselves after their leader abruptly left the group. It marked the 60 day anniversary of his leave. The members were seen filming for an organic food brand.

Junho, Taecyeon, NichKhun, Chansung, Wooyoung, and Junsu were wearing a black and white concept outfit and smiled a lot of the camera, showing their brighter side. Junho was so into the filming that he even accidentally ripped his own shirt.

2PM looked healthy and charismatic, showing off their bodies with well defined muscles. During the interview, the members each introduced a short description of their styles and revealed make up tips.

Netizens welcomed the boys after not having seen them for so long. Some fans even mentioned that their finishing greeting was a bit disappointing, as the leader’s empty spot could be felt more clearly.




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9 11 2009

OMG …. that bodyes 😛

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