[NEWS] Law Suit May Lead to TVXQ Split

5 11 2009

The possibility of Korea’s top idol group TVXQ disbanding is increasing, after their agency sent an apparent ultimatum to three of the five-member boy band to return to the agency.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, SM Entertainment chief Kim Young-min accused the three members — Xiah, Hero, and Micky — of having sued against the company out of greed to make more money.

Kim was speaking about the ongoing legal battle between the three members and the company. The three band members claim the contract signed between TVXQ and the management agency is unfair.

Last month, a lower court sided with the three and ruled that parts of the contract should be invalidated, paving the way for them to resume individual music and advertisement careers.

The agency vowed to bring the case to a higher court, saying the three must follow the contract as long as they continue to be part of TVXQ, and should get paid according to the current contract.

The other two members — U-know and Max — rendered their support for the management agency’s claim, expressing hope that the other three would return quickly.

In their statement, the two stressed that all members have worked under the same contract with SM Entertainment for the past five years.

“We believe that TVXQ would not have been in existence without SM Entertainment, which created the group. We are also not willing to resume our career as TVXQ without our current agency,” the statement said.

In a related movement, SM Entertainment chief Kim made it clear that although the court granted freedom to the three members to pursue individual activities, they are allowed to work as TVXQ only under SM.

The company demanded that the three members reply to its request to return to the agency by Nov. 12.

But it is widely viewed that the three are unlikely to continue to work with the management agency due to deep distrust between the two sides.

source: koreaherald




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5 11 2009

noooooooo! :((

5 11 2009


5 11 2009

“SM Entertainment chief Kim Young-min accused the three members — Xiah, Hero, and Micky — of having sued against the company out of greed to make more money.”

==’ how ironic

6 11 2009

oh noooooo! 😦
i was afraid it was going to get to this…

6 11 2009

very afraid and so scared..i don’t want to see them disband..but, i also don’t want to see them get hurt..it will be different..

6 11 2009

fuck man… i can already see it coming… my favourite artists… they gonna split T____T
omg…. ARGHHHHHHHHH why is KPOP so FCKED UP ?? 2009… the worst year for kpop up till now…

6 11 2009

isn’t there a talk that Yunho and Changmin’s statement
were fake?
because the signatures did not match.

6 11 2009

For those who are reading this. Both Cass. and who is always support our idol group, TVXQ. i want to confess and encourage everyone at the same time.Even i don’t have the perfect English but i really want to share something to you. I have started liking TVXQ since almost two years ago, yes it was a very short time indeed. i have always admired and sang and listen to their songs all the time. In Australia i have formed groups of people that they have always been interested for TVXQ but have never actually come into group. They are some Chinese, Korean, Thai etc. and also the other Cass. groups that scattered around the country are also formed. i have improved my Korean and Japanese as well as singing skills because of them. i have changed a lot of my personality at this point because of them. At first i didn’t feel like doing anything at all before i met them but now it changed me. i think the majority of the people that alsways support TVXQ also like that. Thinking how long have they been one of our idols and always sing for us giving us nice and harmonious songs. Rock our souls and represent a lot of dances taught by many great dancers in the company that raise them and reach them to us. it’s not only the company who brought things to them and to us but everything including TVXQ themselves. We cannot just say that it’s from this person or that person but remember as you’re working as a whole it creates the memory and relationship. I hope that no matter what things will happen in the future and how cruel the things will go. We’ll always support our idol.

But one thing i could not stand is separating them so Please don’t disband them. Many fans may want to kill me for saying that. Even so, only this little voice of mine will say it Please don’t disband them. PLease don’t seperate them from us. Please don’t let our dreams of becoming like them go down. I really want to bring the time back where i enjoyed watching them dance and sing, their appearances on many occasions, when they smiled without the traces of tiredness, or nervous. I don’t think i only two years of loving TVXQ is enough for me and i don’t think that Cass would want that as well. Thats all for my confession. Thank you for always support TVXQ and always be. Keep the faith everyone

6 11 2009

Wow, I dont think Yunho and Changmin said those statements, but forced to. SM always forces them to do things and I think because of the dramas fo Y & C, they’re not participating in this lawsuit. Kind of disappointing .. because , its probably not, but it seems that they sold the 3 out : / Please dont disband!

6 11 2009

“We believe that TVXQ would not have been in existence without SM Entertainment, which created the group”

They forget that if there isn’t TVXQ, SM will not as FAMOUS & RICH like now.
SM is a greedy pig.

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