[NEWS] f(x) Sulli’s ‘Chu~ ♡’ Cute Greeting “I Am Spokesperson Ssul Ssul Sulli”

5 11 2009

f(x) member Sulli, showed a cute greeting ahead of their new song’s first stage

Through her own me2day, Sulli greeted everyone in a cute way by writing, “The spokesperson for ‘Chu~♡’, Ssul ssul Sulli here” “Are you listening to Do it do it Chu~♡ a lot? Please anticipate our first broadcast through ‘Music bank’ tomorrow!” Along with the words “What could this sign be??” she revealed a picture, and it is making the fans heart’s flutter.

f(x) will put their first single album “Chu~♡” on sale on the 9th, and in order to kiss the peak of the music industry, they will make a full-scale appearance. This single will be f(x)’s first officially released CD, and 3 songs were recorded to be able to meet the member’s diverse talents and musical colors.

On the 4th, through music sites, the title song “Chu~♡”, a Euro Pop Dance song, was revealed. The lyrics is set in a fairy-tale motif and it is about the main character waking up from sleep with a kiss, and through the kiss the main character, filled with curiosity, wants to go out into the world.



Source: Newsen
Translations: kellykim10 @ affxtion




2 responses

5 11 2009

ugh.. i hate to be called an anti and really really try to prevent talking bad things about sulli..but this is… argh!! back then i just don’t like her.. now i hate her… starting from her oh so fake smile to her UNINTENTIONAL imitation of dara.. its like she was silently competing with dara..starting from the hair style, the performance on stage and now this!!

dara never uses aegyo intentionally cause she is natural..in fact she always acts DORKY NOT CUTE!! sulli on the other hand..its very obvious that she acts cute intentionally EVERY TIME!!

now even in me2day? i know its natural for them to update fans..and dara is not the only one entitled to it but why in that way? sssandara is the 2NE1 Public Relations Team’s Reporter and now this girl claimes she’s the f(x) ambassador Sul Sul Sulli? coincidence much?

i don’t know if she was the one thinking all of this or just another hateful marketing strategy of SME? well..it really is hateful!!

I really like f(x) as much as i love 2ne1… heck!! i really adore viktoria and krystal!! and I never bashed any kpop artists in the past to prevent their fans from hating the artist i like..but this is an exception!! I really hate sulli!!

wheh..that sure made me feel better!!

7 12 2009

I dont like her as well, Im not an anti of F(x) though but yeah, She seems to intentionally act cute all the time that it pisses me off so much. I dont even think that she can sing, since she rarely get lines in their songs.

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