[NEWS] 6 Membered 2PM Attempts Asia

5 11 2009

Male group 2PM will be entering the Chinese market without Jaebum.

2PM will be participating in the <2009 Hanryu Showcase (Korea-China Music Festival Feel the K-Pop> in an attempt to meet with their Chinese fans. This will be the first time 2PM will be standing on a Chinese stage.

A JYPE representative stated “Since 2PM has debuted, there have been offers for 2PM to promote in China. This government sponsored stage seems to be the right step towards that direction.”

Being the first stage overseas since leader Park Jaebum left the group, fans have been showing great interest.

2PM will be slowly entering the Chinese market through different events and promotions with the release of their full album. Their efforts will double when they open a concert in Shanghai with the Wonder Girls on December 1st. Not only will 2PM be present but 2AM, Super Junior, Jang Nara, 4 Minute and other representative stars.




Source: HanKooki
Translations: hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY




One response

19 11 2009

don’t present yet!! jaebeom is not there. :/

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