[NEWS] KIA YangHyun Jung “Team’s Winning Thanks to SNSD’s TaeYeon”

3 11 2009

KIA Tigers’ Yang Hyun Jung said that the team’s as well as his excellent performance this season was because of SNSD’s Taeyeon.

He said that he had been a SNSD Taeyeon fan since a long time ago, and in April, he had received Taeyeon’s signature through a sports reporter.

Yang HyunJung said “Although I wish to get the signatures of all the members, I received Taeyeon’s signature before a match” and “She wrote a message for me with the signature wishing to see a 10 victory”.

He also said that “Taeyeon’s message gave me strength for the season, with 12 victories and 5 loses, and an average of 3.15 points for this season. It is my best season since I debut” as well as “I want to thank SNSD Taeyeon.”

Note: KIA Tigers is a baseball team.



Source: Joins, Chosun, Yahoo Kr
Translations: Wenfany@Soshified




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