[NEWS] GDragon’s Solo Album Deemed as Unhealthy Media, Effects to Take Place From 10th Nov

3 11 2009

Big Bang GDragon’s solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ has been ruled as inappropriate for youths.

Health and Family Welfare association under the Youth Protection Committee has revealed on 3rd November that GDragon’s first solo album ‘Heartbreak’ is inappropriate for youth. And in particular the 2 problematic songs from the album are ‘She’s Gone’ and ‘Korean Dream’.

According to an official, both the songs ‘She’s Gone’ and ‘Korean Dream’ contain profanity in their lyrics, hence deemed as unhealthy media. Also the song ‘Hooligan’ from Supreme Team’s minialbum ‘Supreme Team Guide to excellent adventure’ is also deemed as unhealthy media.

With that, the albums will have the sticker ‘Only for those above 19′ pasted on the CDs, and the songs will be banned from broadcast from 10th November.



Source: Sookyeong




One response

4 11 2009

Lol, isn’t it TOO LATE at this point? why do things get deemed inappropriate EONS after they are released?

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