[NEWS] TVXQ Not Allowed To Continue Group Activites?

2 11 2009

SM Entertainment will have a press conference today regarding the conflict with TVXQ.

Lawyers of SM Entertainment said:

“The court’s ruling for TVXQ is not fair. They didn’t consider the main reasons of the case. Their long contract is so that we can let them grow and have a long term deal with them. We want to look at their career in the long run and the court’s decision is not letting us do that. This is going to affect TVXQ’s international promotions. It’ll also create confusion for stars that want to have long term contracts and move on to bigger things later in their careers and for the companies that want to nurture talented people for a longer time. Not only that, it’ll have some unwanted consequences on exports of Korean music as well as other issues.”

They continued to say:

“Each year, we adjusted the contracts in favor of the members. Before this problem, the three members never complained about anything. Now that they have succeeded this much, they are complaining. They have just started to reach the top and now want to separate. Before a final decision is made, the three can do their personal and individual work. However, we do not acknowledge the right for the three to work as TVXQ”

Because of all this, TVXQ has not been able to work and SM Entertainment will seek to receive compensation for damages during the time that TVXQ has been inactive.

Stay tuned for more information from the press conference.

Source: The Star Chosun + allkpop





10 responses

2 11 2009

wtf!!! compensation?! wth are they talking about?!

2 11 2009

W T F !!!

2 11 2009

To SM…
Just to let you know DBSK will always win
DBSK’s rights and freedom are much more important
than the methods you use to make money!

2 11 2009

i think we should open a big thread on the webboard or something and can bring all the people together to show that there are many people who will support TVXQ even though they are ‘inactive’ don’t let down everyone. what they said imply to the plan they are going to let the popularity of TVXQ down little by little because when they’re inactive we could not see them. Hence they think that that time we will forget DBSK sorry to say something llike this but it’s just to encourage us.

2 11 2009

it’s not dbsk, it’s just JaeChunSu…Uknow and Min are siding SMEnt.

2 11 2009

about SM’s statements….they’re pathetic!!!!!…….

about the other 2 TVXQ members statement…i won’t believe it at all!!!..hahaha..ill believe them if they say it themselves on TV!!!(signatures are pointless)…..SM just want things to complicate cuz they’ve already lost the case!!!…really losers!!!…

Well about the other 2 TVXQ’s father’s statements….i won’t believe it as well….i don’t have anything against them but there statements smell fishy…..kekeke…..i leave it to your imaginations!!!…who knows what goes on between them & SM…..

2 11 2009

i believe them

2 11 2009
chocolate germs

i agree with u.. i don’t believe that is the true statement from Homin..>.<
DBSK Hwaitinggggg!!!
Keep the Faith!!!!!

2 11 2009

@ Anonymous:
yeah i agree! why bring their fathers into this all of a sudden?
explain why the court ruled in favor of JaeChunSu then if they (the fathers) believe that JaeChunSu are making false claims?
and why didnt they release all these “statements” before?

3 11 2009

SM won’t allow them to work as TVXQ, and they want to be compensated for it? WTF?!

“They have just started to reach the top and now want to separate.” JaeSuChun NEVER wanted to seperated! =O Where did this even come from?

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