[NEWS] SM Ent on TVXQ’s Lawsuit “a Hoax to the Korean Society Exaggerating on Issues of Human Rights And Slavery”

2 11 2009

SM Entertainment has officially given its last notification to the 3 members of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

SM Entertainment held a press conference on 2nd November in Seoul 63 Building at 3pm. At the press conference, SM Kim Young Min representative and SM Japan Nam SoYeong president, SM Han SaeMi and Jung ChangHwan directors were present.

At the press conference, they revealed their stand about the case brought up by TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun as “a hoax exaggerating on issues of slavery and human rights.”

SM Kim YeongMin rep said, “The 3 members will be able to continue their individual activities with the application for disposition of the contract terms. But they have to carry out activities for Dong Bang Shin Ki through SM.”

“The 2 members (UKnow YunHo and Max ChangMin) will be having their comeback next year in Korea. 6 months before, everything has been decided.” and revealed that the 2 members are already preparing for their comeback next year.

With that Kim said, “We will request for the 3 members to give an answer by 12th November.”

He also added, “This lawsuit did not start due to issues of slavery and human rights, but due to the individual’s cosmetic businesses. The 3 members were using the contract terms to benefit themselves in the lawsuit, but what they have in mind all along is their businesses and profits.”

He continued, “The 3 members have gone on what they said a vacation to China in January in 2009, that was when they took part in a cosmetic business. And we know about that through photos of their company exposed. And through the website of their company, we got to know that their titles were directors and they even have their own namecards.”

Representative Kim said, “For this lawsuit, the 3 members also even think of changing the content to contract to benefit themselves. And previously in April, during their concert performance in China, the members also tried to declare trust with other junior singers in the company.”

“We have expressed our concerns of damaging the image and problems arose from the 3’s cosmetic businesses. We will confirm the contract and starting from any possible problems that may arise, we want protect the members. But we don’t see any effort from the 3 members with them refusing to reveal their contract.”

“This lawsuit is a hoax on the Korean society by exaggerating on the issues of human rights and slavery.”



Source: Sookyeong




12 responses

2 11 2009

Why bring up the beauty cosmetic thing all of a sudden?

2 11 2009

if SME really cares about their artist well being they wouldn’t pull a stunt like this
cos think about it, if they really want the jaechunsu back
they wouldn’t reduce their popularity into saying they are liars cos wouldn’t that be bad for
their future promotions too? it ruins their image you know..
and if they try to do a different tactic like being good to jaechunsu and not releasing this
statementys…..now i would believe that they treat their artist’s good

and plus why say this things now?
not in the beginning…

2 11 2009

lol they look so tired and stressed

2 11 2009

whatever! at least the contracts were revealed, and it’s very inhumane! SM is very controlling! i really don’t want tvxq to leave SME, but now…guys, there’s still YG or JYP… they’re better than SM, i don’t think they’ll treat them like puppets.

3 11 2009

oh my god.
i can’t even say anything anymore D<

3 11 2009

Yea, I agree with ‘wish heart’, even if the lawsuit began with the cosmetic company it does raise issues of Human rights – Having such a restricting contract with such unfair terms definitely raises of freedom to enter into a contract, the amount of power corporations can exert on individuals i.e. threats that they can end their careers and eventually to democracy. It certainly is no joke

they’re treating the public as fools, playing tactics with publicity affecting the courts decision, this is definitely not an exaggeration of human rights! They’re using people’s ignorance with the law, and trying to get people to feel good/ or bad about them

if we dwell on morals as to whether they should have started the company or not, whether they should have taken into consideration of other members not wanting to sue and affecting the brand name etc. we would never have an
answer! everyone possesses different perceptions and morals!!!(re: did you guys read the Chang min and yun ho’s dad’s statements ~ of course they are right in saying the lawsuit does negatively affect the band as a whole, but there are valid reasons to suing SM as well!)

the facts are black and white, the contract is wrong, and thats that. all that crap about wanting to have a longer career for artists. people are free to enter and vary their contracts as they like if they are unfair. This is a fundamental human right

3 11 2009

Ok for that statement about the JaeChunSU going to do a cosmetic business. if i was them i’ll be like “oh thanks for ruining our images! and oh on a second thought we are equal now” Seriously, you really want them back? say your real intention SME because no ones will think you are good to them right now this will happen will keep happen no matter how long this problem has ended. Respect our voice and their voices even though you have the power between the singers and your company your voice cannot be higher than ours. Even though you have changed things in your way our voice about your company still the same and will be the same.

3 11 2009

Yea u’re right ‘Great’. But its true this lawsuit will have a very big impact on them and how they run their artists and how their company works. Its true that they need to have LONG contracts with TVXQ to ensure they get people to invest with them. I mean what is the motivation of SME to represent TVXQ if they are allowed to leave any time?. How will THIRD PARTIES, i.e. commodities market, trust in dealing with SME if they can’t show they have rights over TVXQ and a binding contract with them?

On another post I read that TVXQ actually agreed to the terms of 13 years, and that they revealed intention to stay with SME which is a valid argument to SME’s claim, legally anyway.

But since they keep revealing new facts, there is the question to: whats the real contract? NO ONE CAN TELL WHO IS RIGHT. Both parties, SME and TVXQ probably have valid arguments infact. The only party who can decide properly is the court.

In conclusion, they should stop trying to engage in dirty pubilicity campaigns saying over the top statments like ‘fraud’ or an ‘exxageration of human rights’.
even though they are perfectly entitled to protect their image and their company rights.

sorry if i used a lot of jargon, i’m just used to writing articles like these – I hope i dont’ sound like a tight-assed person!

note: they also stated that BOA has 10 years in their contract, but again, we dont’ know TVXQ’s contract content. We only know Boa’s situation is probably very different, they probably included fairer terms to her renumeration since she has 10% or what of shares of SME.

3 11 2009

Say what you want Sm…
No one believes you.
Just talk to my shit…

3 11 2009

oh my god
i can’t believe this

3 11 2009

SME, it’s time to pay!
it’s like, SME against the 800,000 fans(in Korea) and the fans around the world. as for Changmin and Uknow, i don’t really know what they think about this, maybe they’re siding SM because they’re scared and maybe their parents are dictating them what to do. So many fans are against their decision, they’re tvxq, they should be supporting each other, it makes me feel really bad for them..

5 11 2009

yea i really feel bad for them too, its tough pending lawsuits and having all that uncertainty. Lets hope they’ll keep in good shapE!

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