[NEWS] Park Bom to Start Promoting ‘You & I’ on SBS Inkigayo Coming 8th November

2 11 2009

2NE1 Park Bom will open promotions for her solo song ‘You And I’.

With the song release recently, the song ‘You & I’ has gone up to the #1 spot on various music charts almost immediately. This will be good news for fans since it was initially planned that Park Bom will not perform the song on music shows.

YG Ent said, “Recently, Sandara Park’s solo song ‘Kiss’ is also #1 on various music chart but there is no promotions for the song. And it was set for Park to focus on preparations of 2NE1’s full length album set to be released in November.”

“But 2NE1’s full length album released may be postponed and hence there is possibility for Park Bom to promote the song. With all the love and support 2NE1 got with their previous hits, we will work hard until all the songs in the upcoming album are to the standard of title songs.”

Meanwhile, the song ‘You & I’ is #1 up on all Korean music charts in just 2 days into its release and it is even up #1 on mobile ringtone charts.

Park Bom said, “Lately I’m really happy but because of the 10x of burden/stress I’m receiving I don’t get to sleep much. I will do my best and do proud for 2NE1.”

Park Bom will start promoting the song on music shows from 8th November on SBS Inkigayo.



Source: Sookyeong




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