[NEWS] ‘Family Outing’ Cornered As Being A ‘Fake’ Program

2 11 2009

These days, mostly of what viewers see today are reality variety programs. Some of the top programs being KBS with their ‘1 Nights and 2 Day’ and MBC with their ‘Infinity Challenge.’ However, the SBS reality program ‘Family Outing’ is currently cornered as being a “fake” reality show program.

A while back, ‘1 Night and 2 Day’ was charged of being a ‘fake’ program, and MC Mong, came into defense as he clearly stated that everything that happened in that programs with 100% real, no arranged meets at all. Recently, however, ‘Family Outing’ was added to the ‘fake’ variety program when Kim JongKook caught a fish that estimated to about 200 dollars.

When this was shown to the public the netizens responded back by commenting:

  • “The hooks position is all tilted” (The convincing one for the netizens)
  • “He just caught it now and it is so weak”
  • “The color is supposed to be red not black -_____-”
  • “I think I saw a scuba diver in the water and putting on the fish hook on the fish”
  • “The scales that are supposed to be on the edges of the fish is alll gone”
  • “In all my years of fishing I had never caught that fish and it hard to believe he caught it in one try”
  • “Show us the real footage so we can’t say anything more about it”
  • “If you guys think this is unfair, show us the real footage!”

Through out these comments, SBS kept on saying that the catching of the fish was not fake or planned and they avoided the matter by saying “We don’t need to answer to this matter.” The unconvinced netizens asked the SBS officials to sent out the actual filming tape when Kim JongKook caught the fish or else they wouldn’t believe a thing. A person who claims to be a bystander of the catching says, “Everyone was there watching, the staff members and the village members, so there couldn’t have been a scuba diver, and the fish was caught and nothing more.”

Another official stated about how ‘Family Outing’ is doing today. He said, “Currently ‘Family Outing’ is losing its viewers and is being  targeted as a bad show in the media, to solve the case, SBS would need to send out their acutal footage when the fish was caught.”



Source: Sookyeong




One response

2 11 2009

I don’t know why it’s a big deal. If it’s fake, then it’s fake. Whatever, it’s still funny.

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