[NEWS] Brown Eyed Girls’ New Music Video Under Scrutiny

2 11 2009

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On October 30th, Brown Eyed Girls released their music video to the song “Signs.” The reactions from netizens however wasn’t too positive as many felt the MV was a bit excessive. The MV shows a lot of violence that many felt went too far.

The video shows a lot of violence as the main character fights through a mob to get the “boss” to save his lover (who is Ga-In). In the process, there’s dragging of the body and even a stabbing as the main character kills the boss.

Meanwhile, the scene that is grabbing the most attention is the scenes where the Brown Eyed Girls are drowning in a case filled with water.

When shooting this scene, the girls went inside the water on their own, even if it was hazardous to their health. The has caused many mixed feelings as many felt it was way too dangerous for the girls to do this.

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What is your overall reactions to this MV?





6 responses

2 11 2009

I think the music video is just fine. Maybe the violence was dragged on a wee bit, but netizens need to realize it’s just acting, and a lot of precautions are made and taken care of before any of these stunts are performed.

When they’re in water, there is such things as oxygen tubes, they could be very small tubes giving them the air they need. Easy!

2 11 2009


I dont find anything wrong with it.
Its just acting isnt it?

2 11 2009

I winced at several occations, but I usually don’t like violence anyway.
I liked the ending, it was sweet, it that kind of way…

2 11 2009

yeah right…the MV is just mere acting..
overreacting netizens..pff!

3 11 2009

netizens over reacting again… aigoo… it’s just like a short movie.. i like it 🙂
pffff I’ve seen more violent things… this is nothing compared to the things I’ve seen =.=
BEG fighting~~

3 11 2009

It looks fine. Those people just don’t have anything going on in their lives to be complaining about a mv. Maybe they should do some charity work instead. Sheesh.

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