[AUDIO] 2PM’s Comeback Song, ‘기다리다 지친다 (Waiting For You Wears Me Out)’ Preview

2 11 2009



8 responses

2 11 2009

i love it…it’s great…but it only reminds me of Jay…
7-1= 0
2PM – Jay = 1:59
that will never change.

2 11 2009

But Will we can watch Jaebeom on stage again ?
Jay, Please Comeback

2 11 2009


2 11 2009

oh my god!! is this wooyoung? i know his voice is good but i didn’t think it would be this great!! what a way to remind us that 2pm is STILL 2pm..

no.. a true fan should tell that 7-1 = 6 and 6 is better than 0 BUT still waiting for 6 to be 7 to become 1 without abandoning 6 (lol twisted math)

maybe we should call them warriors or fighters instead of beasts? lol
so proud of them..with all the scandals..emotional stress of jay leaving them…hottest ABANDONING THEM and boy groups debuting and doing comebacks in the past 2 months..can you all imagine how can they survive all this and still fighting?

this month everytime a boy group debut or comeback i fell excited (eye candy and body rollings month)

yet the same time scared for 2pm’s future..with hottests still stubbornly boycotting them and just hurting themselves and the boys in the process…
oh my..its so painful..

please hottest!! stop the boycott and support the boys again!! what would you all prefer? jay coming back because he wants to or because he was forced to? if you still continue this.. jay may never come back because there will be no more 2pm for him to comeback to.. if the boycotting will continue ..2pm will just be labeled as another boy group that will vanish one of this days.. such a tragic ending for a group so wonderful..really tragic..

2 11 2009

Oh how appropriate for JYP to allow their comeback song to have so much relevance to Jay. I hate JYP.

3 11 2009

the song sounds good!!
please HOTTEST girls, stop this boycott and support them!! the 6 guys are not the responsable of all this!!

3 11 2009

I know right? I don’t HATE JYP, but he’s really thrown a spear through my mind and heart -_- This provokes so many heartbreaking emotions… it’s so coincidental how it fits with Jaebum’s situation. So tragic.

14 11 2009

1:59?? -Jae??
nice tactic to sell the album, but wheter the album’s bout Jae or not, 2pm new album is still goin 2b taebak! 2pm fightin!!

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