[NEWS] Yoon KyeSang, “SNSD’s TaeYeon Was My Energy During My Military Service~”

1 11 2009

On the KBS 2TV’s program, <Shin Dongyup & Shin Bongsun’s Champagne>, Yoon Kyesang made an appearance in the “Special Autumn Man” episode and revealed his feelings towards SNSD’s Taeyeon.

Participating in a talk show after a long time, Yoon Kyesang revealed his ideal type in the corner ‘Ideal Type World Cup’.

When SNSD’s Taeyeon came up as a candidate, he revealed, “During my military service, I really liked SNSD. Between the members, I liked Taeyeon the most who I thought was pretty and could sing well.” Plus, “I also listen to Taeyeon’s radio.”

The real ideal type of Yoon Kyesang, who openly talked about being a SNSD’s Taeyeon fan, can be seen on the next broadcasting of KBS 2TV’s <Shin Dongyup & Shin Bongsun’s Champagne>, next October, 31th, Saturday, 11:20PM.

Source: ArtsNews

[T/N]: Yoon KyeSang was a G.O.D member, but left the group to be an actor.



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