[NEWS] UEE Tears After Receiving Special Event by ‘Husband’ Park JaeJung

1 11 2009

After School UEE tears after being touched by an event prepared by her ‘husband’ Park JaeJung on MBC We Got Married aired on 31st October.

In this episode, the 2 went on a campus date, making a visit to Park JaeJung’s college. They played basketball together and went to visit the club which Park JaeJung used to belong to when he was a college student.

UEE who has not spent much time in school said, “I am really envious of Park JaeJung who works hard at the things he want to do.”

And then Park JaeJung did an event which brought tears to UEE’s eyes.

In the evening, Park JaeJung excused himself for a while and had the broadcast club of the school broadcast his feelings of gratitude and sorry to UEE.

After the broadcast, she teared uncontrollably, leaving Park JaeJung flustered. UEE revealed in the interview after that saying, “When I heard the words ‘Even though it is hard to start work (as celebrity) at a young age…’ I felt like crying and I thought ‘My husband knows and understands me’. Oppa was trying to make me happy, but I was like a fool and feeling sad, I felt sorry about that.”





Source: Sookyoeng




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