[NEWS] SNSD Yuri, “I’m Sad Because Kim TaeWoo Chose Lee YeonHee Over Me”

1 11 2009

SNSD member Yuri showed former g.o.d. member Kim Taewoo her sad feelings.

On October 30th, Yuri mentioned something about Kim Taewoo on KBS 2TV “Invincible Youth”.

Yuri showed she was upset that Kim Taewoo chose Lee Yeonhee over Yuri on “Ideal World Cup” which Taewoo appeared in a while ago.

That day, Yuri said “I’m not easy” and the other cast of the show said, “That’s why you weren’t chosen,” which made Yuri look hurt.

She also caught Kim Taewoo’s attention by saying her cell phone ringtone was Kim Taewoo’s song, “Love Rain.”

Taken aback, Yuri defended by saying, “I only like the song!” but she tried very hard to look cheerful while replying, “I don’t think he has interest in me” when she was asked the question, “What are you going to say to Taewoo oppa when you see him?”

On that episode, Kim Taewoo actually appeared and showed affection for Yuri.

On another note, this episode of “Invincible Youth” was a continuation of the October 23rd episode when SNSD’s Yuri and Sunny, Kara’s Gu Hara, BEG’s Narsha, 4Minute’s Hyunah, T-Ara’s Hyomin, Secret’s Han Seonhwa, also known as Girl7 (G7) went to the countryside trying to do daily work.

Source: NewsEn
Translations: mishybear@soshified




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