[NEWS] Big Bang Delivers Love Through Charity Bazaar

1 11 2009

Big Bang who is busy with their solo activities will participate in the “Celebrity Love Charity Bazaar” which helped children from low-income families with after school support. This event is organized by bnt News and sponsored by Hyundai Department Store from November 20th-26th.

Big Bang will participate in the fund raising charity auction of stage wardrobe to help the underprivileged, unfortunate and needy children.

The bazaar which will be opened for 7 days will include auction items from Big Bang, 2NE1 as well as a collection of items from many artists. The sale proceeds will be donated to the school fund for low-income children.

An official of Hyundai Department Store said through the “Celebrity Love Charity Bazaar” it will give hope to the needy children and to make a better life.

“I hope with a lot of artists participating together, this charity bazaar will be successful so as to help and give a bigger dream to the less fortunate,” he said.

Source: Nate
Credits :Minky@ibigbang




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