[NEWS] ‘19′ Drama Starring TOP and SeungRi Out on November 12th

1 11 2009

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Telecinema production ‘19′ (19 years old) starring Big Bang’s TOP and Seungri, and YG actress Heo Yi Jae has a date now, this telecinema project will be released on November 12th.

This a suspense drama about the life of 3 teenagers that become friends after running away and they investigate homicide cases together. TOP and Seungri escaped from a police station after they were accused of murdering someone, Heo Yi Jae then joins them as well and they all become close. Just like the title, they all play a 19 year old teenager role.

This is a telecinema that is produced simultaneously for television and cinema. Each act is 120 minutes long and two episodes each. The drama versions will air in Korea whereas the film versions will air in Japan. There will be 14 Episodes in total, TOP and Seungri will be starring in the 7th Episode, the last one to come out on November 12th.

‘19′ Trailer:



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1 11 2009


2 11 2009
Cathy ChopstickQueen

I can’t waitt forrr thiss.

3 11 2009

omgg this looks so good!! top and seungri! i think the plot looks like it would make a good drama even without top and seungri in it, so with them it should be awesome! 😀

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