[NEWS] Taeyang’s Full Length Album: January 2010

30 10 2009

After over a year and 5 months since the release of his first solo mini-album ‘HOT’, Taeyang returned with his song Where U At, two weeks ago.

As you may all know by now, Where U At is not actually the lead single of his upcoming full length album, but is instead a prelude to it. He put on one performance for Inkigayo and now that that’s over, in November, he’ll release his digital single Wedding Dress, and continue promotions until the end of the year for the song.

So with him promoting his single for two months, it begs the question: when is his full length album coming out? Well, no official date is confirmed but for now all that’s been said is that his new album will be coming out sometime early next year in 2010. When asked what kind of a song Wedding Dress is, he replied by saying, “In comparison to Where U At, Wedding Dress is a song that everyone will like.” Does that mean people didn’t like Where U At? Does it mean it’s to attract other people who don’t like hip-hop by going in another direction like fellow YG singer, Park Bom’s You And I? Or are we just over thinking this? I think so. Oh see, there I go, thinking again about whether or not I’m thinking too much.

Now I know many of you fangirls and boys are distraught but think of it like this: What better way to start off the new year than with Taeyang?

Source: allkpop




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