[NEWS] Mnet Secret – “The Miracle of Tohoshinki”

30 10 2009

4th Live Tour 2009 〜the Secret Code〜 Saitama Arena Day 1 – “Together with Junsu’s recovery…”

Well then, we have talked about various things, but as the main topic of this series, let’s head back at the journey of Tohoshinki from the Arena Tour to Tokyo Dome last year, at the transformation from Kobe to Saitama Arena. With nostalgic feelings, let’s look back at their journey together, step by step.

Right after the light was turned off, Saitama Arena’s hall was dyed with a bright red color. Such a spectacularly splendid scene!

Taking a deep breath, I realized that the number of fans have increased since last year, and the seats were all full. What a magnificent thing.

Then, as the opening movie ended, the first song “Secret Game” started. When the members came on stage one by one, I saw something shocking.

Junsu was standing!

The whole assembly hall was mixed with cheering voices and gasps of surprise. Just a few days ago at Kobe, he was still sitting on the wheelchair the whole time, so we couldn’t believe what we were seeing…

Junsu was standing in the same line with the other 4 members, and they greeted us in harmonization like they always did!

That, just that… Saitama Super Arena burst out with cheering!!! I was so touched that I lost my words. He held such a strong will that made him recover surprisingly fast.

Whenever they performed dance songs, Junsu either sat on the chair or stood by himself singing on the main stage. Other than that, whether it was on the main stage or sub stage, the members were always singing together. It was such a spectacular sight that made me feel so happy.

Then, we got so touched to see Junsu walking from the main stage to the audience!

Seeing him walking, everyone cheered for him passionately.

When they first walked to the main stage and headed for the sub stage, two members would walk first, following by the other three. Since his injury was not fully healed, Junsu had to take it step by step. Therefore, the other members also slowed down so that they could walk together with him, and everyone was moved by that scene.

Moreover, this time, the other members were totally different from last time.

In Kobe, knowing what Junsu was feeling, the members were also standing on stage with restless emotion. However, this time, even if Junsu was only able to stand or walk together a little bit, the other members looked so much different from before. They had become much more relaxed, and the stage was filled with smiling faces. Especially Yoochun, he was completely different (LOL). This time, we were able to feel how great Junsu’s existence was.

In Kobe, we only saw Junsu on the wheelchair, but this time, he was able to change to different costumes. Just something trivial like that made me happy. When Junsu finished changing and came on stage, everyone was cheering with a big “Oh~!”

Because of Junsu’s injury, last time, his part “Sexy Lady, A~n” in “Choosey lover” was done by Changmin. However, since he had somewhat recovered this time, the other members had the “What should we do this time?” look on their faces, but Junsu made a “You do it today too” face to Changmin, so in the end Changmin was the one who did it.

Then for “Summer Dream”, when it came to Junsu-sensei’s dance session, everyone was having the “What should we do?” look on their faces again. Jaejoong suddenly came up from nowhere and said “Today Jaejoong will do it!”. However, although he was supposed to come up with three dances, he was only able to come up with two. Good job anyway.

This time, we didn’t really feel that Junsu was away from everyone anymore. Moreover, Junsu looked like he wanted to dance, thus from the beginning to the very end, I felt like he was really trying to dance. Jaejoong also said, “When we were rehearsing, Junsu would say, ‘I’m fine now [so let me dance]’ all the time”. He just wanted to dance that much, didn’t he?

When the members asked about the current condition of his injury, Junsu answered, “I can totally walk now”. When asked when he would be able to dance again, Junsu said, “Sorosoro, coming soon!” [T/N: sorosoro=gradually] and laughed out loud.

I think that the members would not be able to raise their tension without these kinds of comments from Junsu.

For the first time, I saw every seat in Saitama Super Arena filled with audience, and that was just admirably amazing. And like always, the red ocean was always the best!

With Junsu’s quick recovery, everything started to change and the stage looked more complete. Little by little, the tour had become much more delightful. Successful performance after performance, we were able to feel that something would come up, and the remaining story of their road to Tokyo Dome will be continued next time.

Source: http://cjmj.tv/ + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ




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