[NEWS] 2PM’s New Album Release Date Revealed?

29 10 2009

New information has surfaced pertaining to 2pm’s new album, specifically, a release date.

On Cyworld’s upcoming album releases page, they state that 2PM’s new album is coming out on November 10th, 2009.

Now keep in mind that this date isn’t definitive, because there’s a disclaimer on the page stating that the date could change due to the companies discretion. In general, Cyworld dates are usually correct, so one could assume with good faith that this will be the release date. However, unless JYP Entertainment confirms this, we won’t know for certain that this is the correct date.

Source: allkpop




One response

29 10 2009
miy@ki ch@n

anyeohaseyo..i’m juz wnt 2 ask how 2 make/own my cyworld???????????/it seem interesting so i want 2 try..but da problem is i didn’t know and can’t understand it since it is in korean language…i juz own us cyworld ..i want 2 make korea cyworld ..can u give some tips?

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