[INFO] How Much Do You Know About The Brown Eyed Girls?

28 10 2009

Yes, I know… asking who these girls are seems like the most unnecessary question to ask these days. After all, the Brown Eyed Girls have swept the K-pop scene this year with their song, Abracadabra. Their magical spell indeed charmed many, launching the girls into fame. However, let’s step away from the glamour and take a look at the girls behind the stage…

Q: It seems like many people are fascinated by your song, Abracadabra. I guess the spell worked after all?
Narsha: Of course. All of our albums have turned into failures in the past, but this time was quite different.”

Q: It’s nice to have such a big hit, but many say it went to out of your original style. What do you guys think?
Jea: We are just trying to attempt different styles to improve musically. At first we went with R&B, hip hop and ballad. This time, we felt that electronic should be our thing.

Q; Do you guys think the song was a tactic to follow the recent trend aimed for more attention?
Miryo: Actually, when we were trying to decide what the title song for the album should be, the score for Abracadabra was the lowest. But we members just loved it, and kept on suggesting the song. The company first went against it, but they loved it after seeing the choreography.

Q: Which of you guys suck the most at dancing?
Narsha: Jea! Her Achilles’ Heels are abnormally short so she can’t pull off some of the dance moves even if she tries her hardest. We’ve had many dance moves we had to give up on because of that.

Q: How’s your daily life these days?
A: We leave around midnight and arrive at midnight. We only get around 3 to 4 hours of sleep. We wake up around four in the morning to get our hair and makeup done, then perform for cable shows. After that, we fly down to Busan for two to three stages and drive up to Daejeon for one more.

Q: Don’t you guys ever get into fights?
Narsha: It may sound like a lie, but we haven’t ever fought once. We are good when it comes down to individuals. We all take our own responsibility like the chores. We are really close.

Q: Any hobbies other than singing?
Jea: I am the Food Lord Jea. Eating is basically my hobby. Also, I’m into photography. The president of the company bought me a DSLR camera for my birthday few weeks ago. I am really addicted to it.
Narsha: I like hand-making stuff. People say I am very crafty. I do all the interior designs for home and reforms all of my clothes.

Q: You guys have revealed your actual age not long ago, and it sure did stir up a lot of issues among the netizens. Some people tell you guys to change your name to Brown Eyed Women too. What do you guys think?
Narsha: When I debuted on 2006, I was already 26 years old. But of course, the agency wanted me to debut as a 24 year old, since I had a nice image of a college student. To be realistic, I didn’t really have a choice back then, but I always wanted to reveal my real age.

Q: Don’t you guys face any generation gaps between you three and Ga-In?
Miryo: There’s no difference, really. We just hang along as friends.
Ga-in: When I entered the group, I was a high school student. I did feel like the age gap was pretty big, causing some awkward tension between us. But we don’t feel that anymore.

Q: Let’s get serious now, people do notice the dramatic difference between your pre-debut pictures and post-debut pictures. What do you have to say to this?
Narsha: Of course we made minor modifications in appearance every time we released a new album. Maybe a tiny tweak on the eyes. But it’s hard to resist the temptations of its magic since our appearances are crucial.

Q: Many people wonder where your names are from. They sound Russian..?
Miryo: My real name is Jo Mi Hye. My nickname from childhood was JoMiRyo (food seasoning), so I just took off the Jo. Jea’s name is an acronym of ‘The Most Beautiful Voice’ (Jae il ah reum da oon mok so ri). Only Ga-In kept her actual name.

Q: What are your ideal men like?
Miryo: Sharp and humorous.
Narsha: Who shares my religion and witty.
Ga-In: Comfy style. I’d rather choose the comfortable ones over the “hotties”.
Jea: Clean style. Anyone like So Ji Seop around?

What Do Brown Eyed Girls Carry Around?

It seems like women can’t go around without a purse these days; after all, purses are practically the essential accessory all women require for their daily life. Let’s take a sneak peak at not only what they carry around, but the style & personality these items portray.

‘Feminine & Stylish’ Jea
Louis Vuitton big bag / silver pouch and skin moisturizer / a hand mirror with a bow / a case of mint / a book, Girl Perfect

‘Young and Healthy’ Ga-In
Vintage big bag / pouch and a black wallet / a pair of headphones / a cell phone / an mp3 player with a huge charm / daily medications / Ricola cough drops

‘Nerdy and Simple’ Narsha
Black big bag / adorable pig pencil pouch / a notebook and a rainbow pencil / brown glasses / packs of grape juice

‘Beautiful and Sassy’ Miryo
Shiny brown big bag / black pouch and a white wallet/ lip gloss and eye drops / perfume / a pair of shads and a bangle / cell phone / hand mirror / a house key

These four girls sure are different from others! After years of dominance by the young and fresh idol groups, these girls finally proved that age isn’t a barrier to be the hottest on stage. Stay tuned for the girls’ highly anticipated comeback with Sign!



Source: isplus news + allkpop



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29 10 2009

LOVE these onnies 😀

22 02 2010
Tan Yu Xian

like brown eyed girls!!!
Expecially NARSHA!!!!!!

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