[NEWS] A Wrong Start for “Into Sunday Night?”

26 10 2009

A new talk show that discusses current issues in society with a different view, “Into Sunday Night,” may have been off to a wrong start. They followed JaeBum to Seattle, which caused another ruckus with the netizens.

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The producers of the show went to Seattle to try to meet JaeBum and see how he was doing. They went into Korean stores, asked Korean residents, and even went to JaeBum’s church to find out where he lives.

The producers finally found JaeBum’s house, and got to talk to his father and brother. His father stated that it would be hard for an interview, as JaeBum’s family does not want him to become an issue in Korea again.

After another long search, the producers found where JaeBum dances with his friends. When JaeBum found the camera, he hid behind his friend and simply apologized and left immediately. Feeling uncomfortable for what happened, JaeBum sent a 2PM album to where the producers were staying in. Inside the album, he wrote, “I can’t say anything as of right now. I’m sorry that you have come so far to meet me.” This made viewers feel bad for his fears for publicity.

The problem started after the clip of the search. One of the professors on the panel asked, “What happened to him?” after long discussion of the prior situation. He had no knowledge whatsoever of the situation. The viewers complained greatly due to this.

After the show, the viewers were disappointed for the host’s carelessness and the producer’s filming (searching all over the place without permission). They considered this as a invasion of privacy. The viewers and netizens asked for an apology and to stop the show entirely.




4 responses

26 10 2009

sunday night need to stop those crap……. please leae jay alone you ruin our last hope to see him on MAMA………he need some space……… dont you’ll get it…….. now how can he pick all the broken pieces of he’s last hope to have a peacefull life in seattle…….. and how could all these dumb bass reporter invade jay’s prvacy………. you’re stalking him……….. i saw he’s fear on he’s eyes when he saw the camera and they do that on that place now how can jay explain those thing happen………… JAY ( jaebeom ) PARK hwaiting we always support you and aso for the 6 member in korea 2PM<3 hwaiting

26 10 2009

huhuhuh!! jaebeom!! glad that your okay. 😀

28 10 2009

he looks happy where he is (with his family and friends)just leave him alone

29 10 2009
miy@ki ch@n

hey i didnt n0 any bout jaebeom oppa..wuts going on?????????????????????????could u please tell me…….h0h0&how 2 place da picture of mine like thus girl mayb(pat2pamii)im newbie..nooolarh

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