[NEWS] “It’s Good To See Jaebum” People Welcome 2PM’s Appearance on Infinity Challenge

25 10 2009

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2PM gathered much attention for appearing on “Infinity Challenge-farming special” with all 7 members on 24th. In this episode, 2PM visited Infinity Challenge members by surprise and performed Again& Again for them. They also played various games with Infinity Challenge members for getting lunch and doing  farm work.

After the show, people left welcoming comments toward 2PM saying; “2PM looks the best with 7 members”, “I miss 2PM with all 7members”. About Jaebeom who had not been on TV for long time, people left many messages showing their sad feelings against him such as “I feel like crying seeing him on TV”, “I miss him so much”.

After leaving 2PM, Jaebeom Park has been staying in U.S where his parents are and 2PM has performed with 6 members since Dream Concert.

Infinity Challenge with 2PM appearance just aired on MBC. At the end of the show the program put up a caption : “We will send the product (rice) to Seattle”

Source: Edaily
Translations: Kirstyn@2pm-online + Cassina@2pm-online




2 responses

26 10 2009

I miss you Jaebum 😦 !

26 10 2009

omg im so happy because i was watching the show earlier and the group looked so fixed and together not into broken pieces anymore!!! lol woo young is so cute though haha

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