[NEWS] GDragon and TaeYang for Solo Stage ’Showdown’ on SBS Inkigayo Coming 25th Oct

23 10 2009

In 9 years of friendship, TaeYang and GDragon will have their first ’showdown’ for their solo stage for the first time on music program.

The 2 Big Bang members have known each other since elementary grade 6 and trained under YG Entertainment since 2000. But coming 25th October, the 2 will have a showdown of their solo stages on SBS Inkigayo.

Even though the 2 of them have performed their solo stages on music shows, but this is first time they perform together on one show.

TaeYang will be performing his new solo song ‘Where u at’ for the one and only time. Coming mid November, he will releasing a digital single ‘Wedding Dress’ and also his 2nd full length solo album. This performance was brought up by requests from fans.

GDragon will performing the song ‘A Boy’ from his first solo album for the 3rd time on the show that day.

Much anticipation is in for the 2’s solo stages on the show that day. Definitely a must to lookout for.

Source: Sookyeong




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