[NEWS] FT Triple to Release ‘Two Date’ Album & Start Promotions

23 10 2009

Unique group FT Triple, consisting of member Lee JaeJin, Choi JongHoon and Choi MinHwan, from group FT Island will start their unique promotions.

FT Triple
will release an album ‘Two Date’, a collection of 3 songs, and member Lee JaeJin will be the vocalist this time after his musical debut in ‘Sonagi’.

The title song to the unique group will be ‘Love Letter’ written by hit song writer Kim DoHoon. The other 2 songs including in the album are ‘멀리멀리 (Far Far)’ and ‘꼬집어봐도 (Even After Pinching)’.

The album is set to be released on 26th October, and the MV to the title song was filmed in Cebu, Philippines.

The group will also start promotions with their performance on Mnet M!Countdown on 29th October.

Source: Sookyeong




One response

23 10 2009

isn’t it UNIT, not UNIQUE?

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