[NEWS] 2AM JoKwon “GaIn Noona Is My First Woman”

23 10 2009

2AM’s JoKwon surprisingly confessed that, “I’ve never dated before” on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

On “We Got Married” BEG’s Gain and have JoKwon have been cast as a make-believe married couple. In the last episode, during the testimonial about being a make-believe husband to Gain, he said, “Because I was waiting to be with Gain noona, I never dated.” This was very eye-catching.

Meanwhile, the two are two years apart in age and are an older woman/younger man couple. They began their marriage by aggressive quarreling. (Koreans often say that love quarreling begins some relationships.) JoKwon, age 21, was not acting like a young husband but very much like a mother-in-law who nagged and taught her how to do housework. This shocked Gain.

In addition, Gain and JoKwon, despite it being make-believe, sang improptu in harmony showing the true colors of the Singer/musician couple.

The full story on JoKwon and Gain’s newlywed first night will be broadcast October 24 at 5:15 p.m.

Source: BNTNews
Translations: tk1004@2oneday




2 responses

24 10 2009

Are we still supposed to believe hes straight?

3 12 2009

I think he’s straight now, maybe bi before haha l dunno. But they seem so good together! And I guess he probably have not met the right girl yet, he’s 20 still and spent half of his life training/performing.

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