[NEWS] TaeYang Invites Choreographers Back to Korea to Prepare for Special Performance of ‘Where U At’

22 10 2009

Big Bang TaeYang promises perfection for his upcoming special broadcast performance.

After releasing a new song ‘Where U At’ 1 year and 5 months since his last on 15th October, TaeYang will be performing a one-off special performance of ‘Where u at’ on SBS Inkigayo coming 25th October.

It was revealed on 21st October that the 2 choreographers Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga have returned to Korea again to help out in preparing for the special performance.

It was known that the 2 had gone down to Korea in September for the MV filming and then returned to the States. But after hearing about news to TaeYang’s special performance, they have returned to Korea to help out with the preparation for the performance.

Initially it was decided that there will be no broadcast promotions for ‘Where U At’ and TaeYang will only be doing so for his upcoming title song ‘Wedding Dress’. But with fans’ request, TaeYang will be doing a one-off special performance of ‘Where U At’.

Source: Sookyeong



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