[NEWS] Superstars Show Off Their Manly Images in Magazines This November

22 10 2009

1. Jang Dong Gun on Cosmopolitan
The charming actor makes all fangirls’ hearts skip a beat! Coming back after a long hiatus, Jang Dong Gun continues to shine in many of Korea’s top magazines with his gentle and manly style.

2. Lee Byung Hun and American Actor Josh Hartnett on Vogue Korea
Appearing on Vogue Korea’s November Issue, the hot Korean and American actors show off their cool images. They have just worked together in the movie “I Come with the Rain.”

3. Jung Yunho – TVXQ on W Korea and NYLON
Leader of popular group TVXQ, he challenges himself with the recent drama “Heading to the Ground,” but it seems like it doesn’t show much impression on the viewers.
However, his cool image in winter fashion still makes a buzz with the fans. Please keep your hearts, girls. Don’t let them beat too fast!

4. Rain with His Well-Built Body in His Latest Photoshoot
The star of “Ninja Assassin”!

Source: ngoisao.net
Translations: xU* @ OneTVXQ




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6 01 2010

yoonho oppa cool~

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