[NEWS] KangIn’s DUI Incident Further Fired Up With Photo Revealed by Netizen

22 10 2009

A photo has been posted up on 18th October on various community site which has gained the attention of netizens. It was a photo was found on a minihompy of a female netizen, but the exact date of the photo cannot be confirmed due to several edits done to it.

But the photo was taken between Super Junior KangIn and that netizen. The netizen also wrote a note, “I like Woonie. He is fun, talks and drinks well, and is good looking. Though he needs to pay attention to his language.”

The netizen was attacked by fans online after she posted up the photo. After that, netizens say, “Under such sensitive time, this woman still upload such a photo, I really don’t understand.”

Other netizens’ responses were:

  • “I don’t understand what these singers are thinking taking such photos when they rely on their image for their career”
  • “He needs to pay attention to his language? I can almost imagine
  • “He is riding on his way down. It seems that it is impossible to redeem himself now”
  • “What’s wrong with taking a photo with a woman while drinking at the bar?”

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has banned KangIn of activities till the end of the year.

Source: Sookyeong




6 responses

22 10 2009

whats wrong with a picture?..
& i must say… i´m very disappointed with KangIn… i never thought he would do soemthing like this… i just hope… he won´t leave super junior… or.. say it like this.. i hope he MUST NOT leave super junior!…KangIn FIGHTING !

23 10 2009

The first line “운이 좋았다” doesn’t mean “I like Woonie.” It means, “My luck was good” or “It was luck.”

23 10 2009

How dare anyone make such nasty comments about Kangin! I can’t believe these men cannot have a life. This makes me infuriated…*fumes and leaves*

27 10 2009

may be its made with the help ot photoshop some parts of the pictures and i think there is a lot of people who want to destroy his image and may be also this girl told him to take a picture with him and said that she was a fan and the anti fans can do anything to destruy super junior’s image

1 11 2009

There is a mistranslation! You wrote “I like Woonie.” but “woonie” is not a name. “Woon” is luck and “ie” is the particle. The “like” part has therefore a different meaning: altogether it actually means “I had luck.” or “I was really lucky.”

Really, what was that woman thinking? She should have known, that this was not helpful at all since Kangin is a celebrity and is constantly watched by the public. Uploading a picture with him is one thing, but writing that he drinks well but should watch his language? Surely the woman wanted to show off, but seriously, this is really stupid.

Oh! I see someone else has noticed the translation mistake 🙂 Then just notice my comment as an addition.

4 11 2009

Hey, every normal human made somethings wrong and Kang-In too. I’ve maybe dissapointed at him but I always support him from back! Always support him and to Kang-In, please for us your fans, DON’T LEAVE SUPER JUNIOR !! I’m begging you! Were always at you’re back!

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