[NEWS] 2PM’s New Advertisement Filming

22 10 2009

With 2PM’s 6 membered movements, fans are strengthening their boycotts.

Recently, without Park Jaebum, 2PM filmed a new CF advertisement. Fans have stated that they will boycott this product, also.

Company A (full name initialed) is in a tricky situation. After their contract, they have already finished the filming but they are having a hard time making any decisions due to the fans. They fully know that stores are now putting up signs stating that they are anti-Jaebum’s leave and that fans are boycotting all products relaed to 2PM.

They have stated “It is true that we have finished our filming but we have yet to make a decision for anything else,” expressing their worries.

Source: Economy Today
Translations: hazyfiasco@2OD




2 responses

22 10 2009

If the fans says that they’re going to boycott the product, trust me, they’ll do it! i know that it’s an awful thing to do, but they(JYP ent) know what to do! Bring Jaebeom back!

23 10 2009

everyone…pls. take time reading this.. i don’t know where to post to make the HOTTEST see this so if anyone knows how to translate this to korean pls. do so and post this in their site.. i don’t mind if i get bashed for this..

“I’ve only been a fan of 2pm for 3-4 months.. it started when i saw a video of them dancing “fire” in the car..that got me really curious and watched “wild bunny” starting from ep. 1 i fell in love with them especially wooyoung and jaebum.. i followed all their activities in the net and when i found out about jay leaving the group I was as shocked and hurt as all of you.. for a week or so I keep crying and asking why would he do that… and when the HOTTEST start protesting i was like “go hottest hwaiting!!”

“when they started boycotting the other 6 members I still supported them and also thought its for the boys good.. but when 2pm stopped appearing on events and wooyoung and taecyon even quitting their mc roles I started to question myself and the hottest intentions.. “was it really for the boys good? then why are things turning from bad to worse?”

I know ill get hate comments from this with people saying i’ve only just been a fan for 4 months unlike them.. but as for me it doesn’t matter how long but HOW MUCH YOU ACT AND LOVE THEM AS A FAN.. AND AS A FAN OF 2PM WE SHOULD BE THERE FOR THE 6 MEMBERS DURING THIS HARD TIMES

think about this guys… WE LOST AN IDOL, A LEADER OF 2PM but THEY LOST NOT JUST A LEADER BUT ALSO A FRIEND… if we are crippled without jaebum HOW MUCH CRIPPLED ARE THEY COMPARED TO US? IF WE ARE HURT.. i can’t imagine how hurt they are..

maybe they’re thinking ” its ok. jay will come back as of now we should just focus on our fans to make this hurt feelings go away” but.. WHERE ARE THE FANS? THE HOTTEST? IGNORING THEM..ABANDONING THEM..BOYCOTTING THEM!!

I know you guys have good intentions but the ways your doing this IS ONLY HURTING ALL OF THEM AND ALL OF US.. I watched their performance on the dream concert and all the time i was crying..cause i can feel their emotions.. anger,confusion,weariness and as if they just want to give up but can’t because of their love for fans.. BUT WHAT ARE THE HOTTEST DOING?
still abandoning them.. did anyone even think how they would feel while THEY are performing.. only jay’s name is being heard.. what they would feel looking up to where their fans would be..but finding it empty? why FANS OF OTHER GROUPS ARE CHEERING FOR THEM WHEN ITS THE HOTTESTS JOB TO DO SO?

im proud of the hottest because i can see how you really value jaebum.. i really value him too.. but PLEASE!! SUPPORT THE OTHER MEMBERS TOO!! THEY ARE MORE HURT AND MORE BETRAYED THAN US!! we feel betrayed by jyp and jaebum.. BUT THEY ARE BETRAYED BY NOT JUST JAEBUM BUT THE HOTTEST TOO..

would all of you want jabeum to return because he want to or return because he was forced to? think about it.. if you continue this and things would become much much worse because of that.. jay might never come back.. why? because he have no more 2pm to return to.. why? BECAUSE THE HOTTEST ABANDONED THEM… I can see the downfall of 2pm..because of the hottest..such a pity..if only I can be in korea..I will make them feel the support a fan should do in this times…

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