[INFO] Joining 2NE1 1st Official Fanclub [BLACK JACK]   

22 10 2009

Joining 2NE1 1st Official Fanclub [BLACK JACK]|    공지사항
운영ː2NE1♡ | 조회 898 | 09.10.22 10:15 http://cafe.daum.net/2NE1/KtBB/85

This is an announcement from the official in charge of 2NE1.

Through fans huge support, YG’s new face 2NE1 is about to form the 1st Official Fanclub [BLACK JACK].

◆ About [BLACK JACK] ◆

: From the fact that 21 is the highest number of black jack,
2NE1 wants to be the best and hope to keep the close relationship with each other (2NE1 == BLACK JACK).
It is a good chance for the fans at home and abroad who loves 2NE1
to join their 1st Official Fanclub which can be the best and powerful supporters among others.
Please check the following information to join the membership.

◆ Membership Information ◆

1. Application Period : 22.Oct.2009 ~ 22.Nuv.2009 (for a month)

2. Membership Qualification
– Anyone who loves 2NE1 and possible to join YG’s Official Website
regardless of inside or outside of the country.

3. Term of Validity : 1 year from the end of application period

4. Procedure of Application : Joining YG’s Official Website → Entering Sign-up Information
→ Purchasing the Slogan of BLACK JACK

5. Delivery : Will be delivered after the end of application period.

◆ About BLACK JACK’s Slogan ◆

– This is an official supporting slogan which is offered to the fanclub members ONLY.

◆ Bank Account Information ◆

[Domestic Residents]

WOORI BANK: 1002-137-889292 (JANG MIN YOUNG) / Entrance Fee: \20,000



108-1600-445693 (JANG MIN YOUNG)


[Asian Region] USD 30.00

[America, EU Region / ETC Region] USD 42.00

◆ Privilege Information for Membership ◆

1. Issue a Membership Card of 2NE1 Official Fanclub [BLACK JACK]

2. The priority to enter the public broadcasting programs and read the official
announcement of the public broadcasting programs for participation.
(The major schedule will be announced to general public)

3. Offer a BLACK JACK Slogan

4. If 2NE1’s concert is held, it is possible to take advantage of booking the tickets in advance.

-> Provide fixed seats for the convenience of fanclub members.

-> By Online Application – Selection – Announcement – Payment of Ticket Price,
members have priority to reserve the concert ticket compare to general people.
(However, there is some possibility for the members who sent the online application
cannot be selected due to the limitation of fixed seats.)

5. Give an opportunity to participate in the tour held in abroad.

6. Possible to participate in Fanclub event

7. Sending a periodical newsletter through e-mail / SMS

8. Using Fanclub Zone only for the BLACK JACK members

◆ Notice ◆

1. The information of online application should be identical to the Fanclub member itself.
(There will be some disadvantages (such as participating the public broadcasting programs)
if the information does not match.)

2. The application will not be completed unless the payment is completed.

3. For the fast confirm!ation of payment, please keep the expected date of payment.

4. Enter the correct contact number and address for delivery.
(It is not our responsibility to re-send the Fanclub Card and Official Goods
when it is lost by themselves.)

5. Fanclub Card and Official Goods will be delivered after the end of application period.

6. Fanclub Card and Official Goods will be served only for the members and
it is impossible to sell or transfer to others.

7. It is only possible to make inquiry by contact information guided below.

8. After the completion of application, it is non-refundable and impossible to
cancel due to personal reason.

9. Fanclub Zone will be opened after the completion of application via further notice.

◆ Contact Information ◆

E-mail : 2NE1@YGMAIL.NET

– the NOTICE can’t use allegations of theft, piracy, unauthorized.
– Copyright YG Entertainment All rights reseved.

Source: DC 2ne1




2 responses

23 10 2009

huh? an application form to be certified blackjacks? and there is qualifications too? i don’t really get it!

23 10 2009

*there are

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