[NEWS] Narsha Reveals Her Real Age Because of Seo InYoung

21 10 2009

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It was reported last week that Narsha was actually two years older than what everyone knew. She had revealed on a recording of Strong Heart (Kang Shim Jang) that she was 29, instead of 27 which everyone thought it was.

That was finally aired on the 20th where Narsha revealed, “This is the first time I am revealing this since my debut four years ago. When I debuted, I said that I was born in 1983 (meaning that she is 27). But I am actually going to be 30 next year. I was born in 1981 and I took off my real age by two when I did my profile. I am going to be 30 just like Jang Nara and Park Ye Jin (both were on the same show) next year.”

As for the reason on revealing her real age now as opposed to other times, Narsha explained that it was because of Jewelry’s Seo In Young.

Narsha said, “We (Brown Eyed Girls) met Jewelry backstage at a music show recently. As they were next to perform, we greeted them out of courtesy. But to my shock, Seo In Young (born in 1984) petted my head and said I was cute although she was much younger than me. So I decided that I had to reveal my real age.”

Source: allkpop



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