[NEWS] SM Entertainment Puts KangIn on Hiatus

19 10 2009

Super Junior’s Kangin will go on a hiatus until the end of the year.

SM Entertainment released a statement on the 18th saying, “For now, we don’t think Kangin can work as a member of Super Junior until later on. Even his fans are disappointed so until the end of the year, he will take a break to think about what he did.”

After two big accidents, netizens are angry at Kangin for his careless actions. It would be difficult for him to return on TV shortly after these events.

The police have talked with Kangin, but a lengthier investigation process is in order.

Kangin did not only disappoint his fans but also his members. Leeteuk wrote short but meaningful things on his minihompy, to show how he’s feeling about the situation.

The good news is that he is not leaving the group as of yet. Kangin will just not be part of the groups activities until the end of the year, but who knows how everything will turn out, it is still premature to come to a conclusion.

Source: Allkpop




7 responses

19 10 2009

Kangin Oppa…Don’t give up..

19 10 2009

It hurts to see Kangin oppa like this TT TT

20 10 2009

Wuah.. luckyle he won’t leave the group!!!
well.. just taking a break isn’t any bad news.. just we all will miss him.

20 10 2009
love rain

poor kangin T-T

oppa fighting

20 10 2009

I don’t want KangIn to leave SJ! SJ has 13 people since last time till now and ever!
If he leaves the group, SJ will lose one very important ambience maker 😦

27 10 2009

i really feel sorry for him T_T
but this may teach him a lesson and make him be better in the future
kangi oppa don’t give up

30 10 2009

Take all this event as a lesson..and must face it with a strong spirit.. This also a lesson for 13 boys of SuJu to think that all action have it own risks… Never give up SuJu… this moment is a good time to show your love towards your member..Even Kangin make a mistake but all the members must support him and lend your hand to help him to stand again… SUPER JUNIOR ALWAYS 13 AND YOU ARE ONE, NEVER BE 12 OR 14….LEE TEUK’S PROMISE….

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