[NEWS] Joseph Bitangcol Talks About 2NE1 Sandara & Their Relationship

18 10 2009

A article ran by Philippine Entertainment Portal writer Glen P. Sibonga on 7th October titled “Joseph Bitangcol’s work with ABS-CBN helps him recover losses from Ondoy flood”.

In a part of the interview, Joseph talked about his relationship with 2NE1 Sandara Park. And the article has sparked off an outrage amongst fans and netizens on the net.

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Excerpts from the article:

October 7, 2009 at 01:08 PM

Joseph Bitangcol was asked about the present status of his relationship with Sandara Park who is now famed in Korea as a member of the girl band 2ne1.

He said, “We are okay. We are good friends.”

Do they still have communication?

He said, “We don’t have communication right now. She is busy with her career in Korea…”

Joseph said that he wasn’t able to get the new mobile number of Sandara the last time they had a reunion with other Star Circle Quest members (when Sandara had a three-day vacation last August of this year).

Joseph said, “I thought she is still using her old mobile number (which we use for exchanging communication) but I found out after she left that she already changed her number. When we met up, I was quite reserved as her road manager was always around. The two of us did not have a chance to have private talk. The next day, we planned on going out. I thought we would have a chance to talk but it did not push through.”

Is it possible for their love relationship to be renewed?

Joseph answered, “It is still uncertain. It is difficult at this point as she is preoccupied with her career in Korea. If we will get back together, it would be a long distance affair; it would be difficult. But I’m not closing my doors on the possibility of getting back together.”

Does he still love Sandara?

He answered, “Yes, the love is still there. Our relationship lasted for three years. It was the longest relationship that I had. In all the girlfriends that I had, she is the one I loved the most. I still think of her. There are times that I would think of her condition, if she is doing okay.”

Did he regret parting ways with Sandara?

He said, “The reason for regret is knowing the fact that she is loyal. If you get to know her, you would know that Sandy is indeed a wife material (possesses the good traits of a wife). I am saddened because she could have been a fitting lifetime partner (a wife). We both know the reason of our break up. It was a mutual decision.”

Since the break up is already a long time ago, will he be able to share the reason behind it?

Joseph begged off, “It is better not to share it and just keep it to ourselves (him & Sandara).”

This interview just complicates things a lot more for Sandara Park again.

Credits: pep.ph, kish09 @ soompi, 21evo.com
Via: Sookyeong



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