[VIDEO] MBC Section TV: Rain’s Interview in New York (With Translations)

17 10 2009

New York, the city of fashion and culture-

-A major department store in New York-

Reporter: What’s the purpose of your visit here?
Rain: I’ve been invited to a world-famous brand event with the promotion of Ninja Assassin.

Reporter: What’s Rain’s chance of succeeding in America? (to the hostess of the event)
The hostess: I think now the Asian era has been before us, Asian stars ought to lead the world, and I’m sure Rain from Korea is the ultimate super star, in addition to, Rain’s decided to become my nephew.

Reporter: How do you enjoy it when you usually come to a part?
Rain: I can enjoy more freely without camera.

Reporter: What’ll you do if there is not any camera?
Rain: (Springing up from his seat immediately, he is turing around)

Reporter: What do you think of Rain’s charm?
Woman A: He is so handsome!
Woman B: I love Rain!

-New York’s Times Square humming with activity-

Rain: During this trip, New York is the place for me.
-Road signs plumming big musicals of Broadway theaters-

Reporter: How many times have you visited New York?
Rain: It’s my 6th visit.

-These two are on the move in Rain’s car somewhere else-

Reporter: Do you think New York food is to your appetite?
Rain: No matter what it may be, I must eat anyhow.

Reporter: I wonder how you lived through the rough times during your diet for the Ninja Assassin shooting.
Rain: I was only thinking the day when my movie Ninja Assassin’s billboard is set up in Broadway, and the way I could withstand all the hardship.
I think every woman cannot help but like my naked body. Wearing only two suits, I had an almost-nude scene and nearly kept to go naked in the movie, so I think you can see my mature appearance, seeing my most basically instinctive body.

Reporter: Maybe every woman will have a fight with her boy friend after seeing your naked and appeal body in the movie.
Rain: Of course, they should fight with each other, I don’t care what other people fight or what happens, and what’s their fighting or not got to do with my work?

But I may have to an apology by bowing many times if I do like that.

-New York’s Soho neighborhood which is arrested as a fashiony street-

Reporter: I think I’m more leisurely free since I stay overseas.
Rain: So I seem to love Soho here and to be able to feel New York’s culture.

-The shop Rain patronizes-

Rain: This shop sells merchandise such as bath lotions or conditioners, and so on. So Yeah, I look like a shop keeper.
Rain: (Rain is washing his hands, sort of, with some scented water in the shop) To be permitted to return to my country and to avoid ‘the Flu’, I have to wash my hands.
Rain: (looking in the glass) Oh, my face has become clean! I was only trying to lay my face!

-Rain is a frequent visitor even at the coffee shop of his second stop-

Rain: How about a cup of coffee?
Reporter: Please!

Reporter: If you film a very romantic commercial in New York?
Rain: (He pretends to pose for the commercial, but all of sudden) Oops! it’s very hot! (setting the cup to his lips)

– A park in the heart of the city-

Reporter: There seems to be no one laying a blanket on the bench and sitting on it besides ourselves.
Rain: Also, it’s the first time only two men have gone for on outing to a park.
Rain: (pretending to hold MC’s shoulder) By doing this, we must be shunned by the people around.

-Rain in New York in 2009-

Reporter: Are you happy now?
Rain: It’s just thrilling not to forget aboaut the basics, such as when I first met JYP, opening the first door.

Reporter : Finally, please say a few words of greeting to MBC Family.
Rain: In conclusion, there is one more thing I’ll tell you. Are you able to see that police car that says “NYPD” over there?
Reporter: Of course.
Rain: Who do you think is more scaring to people between NY police and LA police?
Reporter: The LA side seems to be scary.
Rain : Both are scary. (soon after) Hope you to love Ninja Assassin very much and to look forward to it.

Thank you.

-Rain, see you next time! –

Source: wata @ Rain Gallery
Brief Translations: rain bird@rain-eu




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