[TRANS] Jaejoong & Yoochun Interview in ‘What’s In’ (October Issue)

17 10 2009

Jejung and Yuchun from Tohoshinki, who walked out from the colourful music world

The new single “COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~” is Jejung and Yuchun’s duet song during “4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME,” which was sung together with 50,000 fans under a warmhearted atmosphere. What is the meaning behind this song? Let’s find out.

– Part omitted –

Q: How did you compose songs?
YC: My own way of composing, ai~ (sighs) I normally compose during my bouts of loneliness. The melody of that song (“COLORS~”) was one of Jejung’s creations, which was really good (the melody). Therefore, I asked Jejung hyung, “Let’s complete this together?”
JJ: During that time, Yuchun came looking for me and said, “The melody done by you is really beautiful~ Let’s work on it?” I said, “Okay~”
YC: Luckily, he didn’t say “NO!”
JJ: I wouldn’t say that kind of thing. (laughs)
YC: Very warm-hearted ah, Jejung hyung~

– Part omitted –

Q: The idea of inserting the ‘rap’ was by Yuchun?
YC: Because I’m capable of doing everything. (laughs) Just kidding~ (laughs)
JJ: But personally, I think Yuchun is a rap expert.
YC: Really?
JJ: Yes, really.
YC: Ai ya~ Is it? (laughs)
JJ: I was the one who thought of inserting the rap part, and I asked for his help. “Yuchun ah~ Please include a rap in this song~ RAP~”
YC: It’s impossible to reject Jejung hyung. (laughs)

Q: The rap done by Yuchun is really passionate.
JJ: I think so, too. No one can do it like Yuchun.
YC: Thanks! (shy laugh)

– Part omitted –

Q: What’s the extent of your composing work so far?
JJ: Including the unreleased pieces, I have lesser than Yuchun.
YC: No, that’s not the case, I have lesser?
JJ: But, Yuchun has 10 pieces and I have only 6.
YC: Let’s count them later~ (laughs)

– Part omitted –

Q: “Endlessly Sweet” was released on the 23rd of September. Let’s talk about this song.
YC: This is a bright and cheerful song.

Q: It’s been a long time since your last cheerful song.
YC: Really? We (Tohoshinki) are trying to regain our youth!

Q: No, all of you are still young…
YC: The truth is, it was recorded during our breaks in between the TSC Live Tour. I can’t seem to remember when exactly.
JJ: That’s supposed to be a secret. (laughs)

Q: Ai ya, let… it out. (laughs)
YC: Ah, I remembered! The beginning part is by Junsu. When we first heard this song, all the members and staff thought that the beginning would be sung by Jejung. ‘But Junsu is the one who sang it, though surprised but it’s meaningful.
JJ: I also felt that it’s something new for Junsu to sing the opening.

Solo Comment by Yuchun to Jejung

“Because we are not used to doing activities by ourselves, we were curious and had the excited feeling during our interviews and photoshoots. Jejung looks the same as always, quite at ease; not much changes as before which surprised me. (laughs) Whether in Japan or in Korea, the chance for the two of us to hang out is very slim, and we have not gone out for a very long time due to our busy schedule. The day before, Jejung asked me to go out for a drink, and there were only two of us, therefore I said, “Let’s go!” What I felt while composing a song with Jejung hyung is that, because I mostly work on piano pieces, most of them are ballad-type of songs. As Jejung uses MIDI to work, his genre of songs is very broad, really amazing. I’m happy that we are able to come out with something that is a combination of our different “COLORS” (merits).

Solo Comment by Jejung to Yuchun

While we were having our Tohoshinki activities as five, Yuchun always sleeps late and wakes up late, but this time, during our duet activities, Yuchun always sleeps early and wakes up earlier than me! Even for today, Yuchun is the one who woke me up. (laughs) Seriously, seeing the Yuchun who sleeps early and wakes up early really shocked me!! But why did he do that? That’s the question… If only YuChun slept early and woke up early during our Tohoshinki (as five) activities as well. (laughs) Once again, I have to admit that Yuchun’s rapping skill is really amazing; I hope that I can compose more songs with Yuchun’s rap. Ah~ There was a interesting incident. (laughs) Once, I was composing a piece, and Yuchun suddenly came in and said, “Change it to this feel~” and he left right after he told me what to do! At that moment, I felt like he was the director, and I’m the worker doing an overtime. (laughs)

Source: What’s In October Issue + baidutvxq
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ




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