[NEWS] Mariah Carey Responds to YG’s Plagiarism Claim

17 10 2009

Mariah Carey was in Korea this week, and it was revealed that she was informed of what YG had to say about the plagiarism controversy. Regarding the accusation against Big Bang and 2NE1, YG has said:

“…A few days ago, Mariah Carey’s new song, “Standing O”’, had its teaser released on YouTube. Comparing this song to “In the Club”, you get 8 bars of similar parts not just 2. It’s not just 5 seconds that are similar, but 24; and when you account for the repetition of the major theme, it’s almost an entire minute of similarity. What is Sony ATV‘s opinion towards this song? I don’t know, but I can assure that you can’t easily say that Mariah Carey has plagiarized 2NE1’s song that was released 3 months ago, although it contains longer and clearer motives from “In the Club”.”

A member of team that promoted Mariah’s visit to Korea said, “The controversy was explained in detail to Mariah by her management.” The explanation included accusations against G-Dragon, the trouble between YG and Sony ATV, and YG’s official statement including the part where he mentioned Mariah’s new song. After receiving this information, Mariah answered, “Too complicated,” and made a dumbfounded smile, according to the member.

Mariah left Korea on 15th for Japan.

Source: Allkpop




4 responses

17 10 2009

So, let’s say GD plagiarized Flo Rida. Mariah Carey plagiarized 2NE1.
That’s a shot from each company, so it’s 1-1. Can’t they just FORGET IT ?
There’s many songs on this world that sound alike and nobody ever accused them of plagiarism, so why waste your time….Maybe I’m too dumb to understand

17 10 2009

she is now finished and so he’s arguing with thouse who are on the stage…

18 10 2009

it sounded the same, but..just seconds…wth is going on!?
i wonder what songs will be created after 10 years, let’s see if they won’t find any comparison in every song that’ll be released.

21 10 2009
Jean♡Big Bang

hmMpFF! Whatever… as long as the original artists don’t complain about it.. I think it’s fine. ^^~ I think that making it worst is just stupidity in the whole industry.. anyways those singers don’t even give a damn about it. No matter what they do with it there are still some parts which may vary with the others… Oh yeah they are just making a whole shit out of it! <_< it will just make theirlives suck a lot! ^^P

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