[NEWS] DBSK as “Infinitely Yours, Seoul” Ambassadors Increased Tourism

17 10 2009

How successful is ‘Infinitely Seoul’ CF that cost 339 billion won?

Early morning of 15th October, there was a girl named Kurosaki Ayano from Tokyo, together with three of her friends, who was shopping for souvenirs at a huge mall in Seoul station.

Kurosaki Ayano and friends decided to visit Seoul after seeing the ‘Infinitely Yours, Seoul’ CF on TBS. The scenes of Dong Dae Mun market and Dong Bang Shin Ki’s performance had left a deep impression on her.

The advertisement Kurosaki Ayano saw was the ‘Infinitely Yours, Seoul’ Japan version done by Seoul City Council on June this year. It was an advertisement that Dong Bang Shin Ki was in. It is one of the four different versions used promoting Seoul tourism. Other advertisements include China, Japan, South East Asia and USA. These four different advertisements had cost 13 billion won, and 90 billion won go to the endless broadcast on all media of almost 20 different countries around the targeted regions.

According to related data, Seoul City Council spent 401 billion won for advertising tourism overseas, and 339 billion won this year. Marketing officer from Seoul City Council stated, “Tourism and investment are closely related which directly affect the overseas sales.”

Seoul City Council uses TV advertisements, newspapers and the internet as their promoting media.

So how successful has this round of advertisement been? Through investigations from China, Japan and Bangkok last year, Seoul comes in first for the ‘Most Desired Vacation Destination.’ According to the data from the Cultural and Education Department, the number of tourists that visited Seoul had increased from 413 million (2007) to 513 million (2008).

For more information please click here.

Source: english.visitseoul.net + jaetime
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ




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