[NEWS] BEG’s Miryo and JeA Are The Same Age As Narsha

16 10 2009

With Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls deceiving the public about her age, it was clarified that members Miryo and JeA are the same age as her (both 29 by Korean age, 27/28 by international age).

The girls came on as guests in the show Food Expedition and revealed their ages. The MC of the show Kim Shin Young said “I thought of JeA and Miryo as friends, but now they are unnis (older girls)”. Miryo and JeA said, “The truth is, we were not born in 1983, but we were actually born in 1981, which makes us the same age as Narsha.”

Since Kim Shin Young was born in 1984, the BEG members have a 3 year difference with her. The eat-a-lot comedian said, “In regular variety shows, it was very hard for me to act like we were around the same age. Now I will be comfortable and support them as unnis.”

Source: Allkpop




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